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Book your Tibet trip with Easy Tibet Travel and enjoy the exotic atmosphere

Foremost, we are grateful that you choose to view this page so as to know about how to book your tour with Easy Tibet Travel Service. Please follow the procedures below to complete your kind booking request.

--The following introduces 3 ways to book your Tibet tour:
*Method 1: Step-by-step procedures in great details are demonstrated in the next section beginning with bold fonts in purple.

*Method 2: For quick inquiry, please click Inquire or Tailor-made button under the blue title of this webpage. And you will follow the coming concise instructions to finish the rest procedures. Please note that all columns of the inquiry table need completing, otherwise the submission will NOT be done successfully.

*Method 3: An alternative option to inquire us is to email or call us directly:
--Email Address: easytibettravel%hotmail.com (Please replace “%” with “@” in the previously depicted address);
--Phone Number: +86-28-66556580, +86-135-1817-8674
--For urgent call at the weekend or on holidays, please call +86-185-8183-8670, and the contact person is Forest Aike, the manager of our Tibet travel office.

--The following content introduces how you commence your easy Tibet travel step by step:
*Step 1: Make a choice of your most wanted Tibet travel itineraries with the according price quotations by viewing our web pages.
Please note that some Tibetan places (resorts) mentioned in our written itineraries are NOT accessible in some periods of a year because of the changeable Tibet tourism policy.
         If the restrictions occur in your wanted itinerary, our Tibet travel consultants will offer you a solution that some adjustments, supplements or cancellations will be negotiated based on discussions.
         The corresponding price quotations in detail will be emailed to you together with the elaborated itineraries for your checking convenience.

*Step 2: Get your China via.
Please assure that you obtain your China visa at the very beginning after agreeing on your Tibet travel route since we will assist you to submit your China visa and passport to the Tibet Travel Tourism Bureau so that your Tibet travel permit will be issued successfully in time. The exact method to apply for a China visa is quite simple--please take your passport to the nearest Chinese consulate in your place where you will be required to fill in a simple table, and then here comes your China visa. It is so easy. Why NOT do this to start your easy and pleasurable Tibet tour?
ignore step 2 if you have already obtained your China visa.

*Step 3: Email us your scanned passports and China visas.
Once your China visa is in hand, you can commence the application of Tibet travel permit by emailing us scanned copies of your passports and China visas. Please make sure that your passports and China visas will NOT expire at least 2 months before the end of your planned Tibet trip. Moreover, the scanned files need to be in high resolution and colorful, and all information appearing on the scanned copies should be identical with that indicated on your original passports and China visas. If you have more than one passports, which means that you have multiple nationalities, please use just one of them and keep using the same one through your whole trip in China and Tibet.

*Step 4: Make a down payment which is usually 25%-30% of our total travel cost and sign a contract with us.
Tourists are usually kindly required to pay 25%-30% of total tour package fee plus 100% of Tibet train ticket fares as well as 100% of airfares if travelers entrust us to book. The residual payment (70%-75% of the total tour package charge) will be made after you are escorted to the hotel or hostel upon your arrival in Tibet here.
         Meanwhile, your down payment will go simultaneously with a professional tour contract that will be stamped and signed by both parties.

*Step 5: Getting your paper Tibet permit with red stamps in hand in a Chinese city.
The current Tibet travel policy regulates that all travel companies can unexceptionally obtain the original paper Tibet permit ONLY 3-5 days ahead of the starting travel date of their customers. Therefore, once the permit is officially issued, we will deliver it to you as soon as possible. According to the experience, travelers always get the paper Tibet permit in hand 1-2 days before they board the flights or trains from a Chinese city.

Please NOTE:
1. The other permits such as Aliens’ Travel Permit of Tibet will also be mailed to your hotel or residence in a Chinese city if necessary based on the particular itinerary you require.
2. All Tibet licenses
CANNOT be delivered to any place out of mainland of China because delays took place previously, which will surely result in great trouble on the basis of current Tibet permit issuing policy.
Some international tourists visit other parts of China in addition to Tibet Autonomous Region while some do not. Anyway, all of you are undoubtedly remaining or making a stopover in at least one Chinese city so that our Tibet travel team can send the original paper Tibet permit to you by post. It is ascertained that our travel consultant will ask those who have booked our service for precise location of the Chinese hotel or your current Chinese residence for the delivery of the paper Tibet permit with bright red stamps.

*Step 6: Board a flight or a train to Tibet with your Tibet permit or other permits if necessary on the basis of your specific tour routes.
All airports and train stations check the Tibet entry permit before international tourists board the flights and trains heading to Tibet. So please make sure that you have received your permit and have it well kept from the moment 1-2 days before your Tibet trip to the end of the trip since the permit will bring you immense convenience during the process of your sacred trip.


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About CYTS

Short for China Youth Travel Service,
CYTS offers a variety of specialized
trips all over Tibet and China.
   The highlighted services of our
branch began to include Tibet travel,
Yangtze River cruise and Sichuan trips
in as early as the year 2009 when we
initially stablized Tibet train travel from
different Chinese cities such as Beijing,
Shanghai, Chengdu, Qinghai and Xi’an
among numerous travel companies
throughout China.
    All itineraries, pictures and other
information are written by our local
Tibetan travel guides and experienced
Tibet travel consultants, which makes
the content of our service professional
and trustable.
    Please follow the link at the bottom
of this web page to view our blogs
contributed by our delighted
customers and ......

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