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Embellished with niveous (pure white) cotton clouds in azure sky, scattered with several sapphire holy lakes in its whole territory and cultivated by faithful local Tibetan civilians, the Great Tibet is undoubtedly counted as ‘the Holy Land where one must go in his / her life time’.

**Why a Customized Tibet Trip is Significant?
1) The Chinese tourism policy makes it less convenient for international tourists to stride on this holy land. Whereas it makes no apparent distinction for those who are in search for pleasurable and private Tibet travel. The fierce competition among travel companies embarking on Tibet trip services contributes to various options for travelers so that the cost-efficiency is more attractive than before. Early in 2002, it was well remembered that the price of a Tibet trip was remarkable. However, a survey done in 2010 indicated that the average Tibet travel expense had declined for 30% at least--within the reasonable range. In this case, more and more potential visitors began to harbor a positive prospect towards tailor-made travel itineraries which offer authentically flexible dwell time in every resort for no more than 8 people or less in a group most of the time (customized trip is based on family unit or close friends without others joining), compared to highly regulated dwell time and guided scenic spots to go in traditional large tour groups comprised of over 10 tourists.
2) The Tibet permit is considered a colossal obstacle for Tibet travelers nowadays, but due to the fact that the processing duration for travel groups formed by family or close friends whose relationships are NOT complicated is twice shorter than those consisting of over 10 travelers. Easy Tibet Travel Service perpetually implements the company policy that NO CHARGE will occur if the Tibet permit application is NOT successful since we bear in mind that it is necessary to make the trips risk-free for tourists who come quite far away. Leisure, hospitality and intercultural communication are why we are employed here and also are why you could choose us as your customized Tibet travel operator.

**How to Tailor-made the Tibet Tour in Detail?
1) Click the green ‘inquire’ or the blue ‘Tailor-made’ button at the beginning of this article right under the title, and then you will see an exquisitely made form. Fill in the form for your kind requirements. Please NOTE that all items needs completing in order to avoid spamming and to make sure that we fully understand how your trip should be organized in accordance with your requirements.
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2) If something goes wrong with the form at the page bottom, please view the upright part of this webpage for other contact methods including our email, phone numbers, Skype account and QQ account, each of which is feasible for contact convenience.

*Warm Note: QQ International (in English language) is available by searching in Google, Yahoo or Bing, which is one of the most popular chatting application on PC and phones in China these days. Do NOT hesitate to try if you are interested.

**Why Travelling in Tibet Alone Without Purchasing a Tour Package is Impossible? How to save money while enjoying the trip?
1) No travel company is capable of imposing this service policy on travelers. Instead, it is the Tibet tourism policy that forms the circumstance that tourists are compelled to apply for a Tibet permit or visa so as to be licensed to travel in Tibet.
2) It is NOT regulated by travel companies that tourists can NOT travel in Tibet WITHOUT purchasing tour packages. Conversely, the tourism policy makers launch the principle that international travelers are allowed to travel in Tibet ONLY IF they submit their overall itineraries including dates, routes, resorts to visit and detailed personal information. Otherwise, any application will be doomed to failure. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to purchase a Tibet tour packages from travel companies who will be in charge of applying for Tibet permit for travelers. For policy makers, the compulsory tourism facilitates their daily work.
3) In order to make your trip to Tibet thrifty, one instantly effective method is to purchase tour packages from giant travel companies or their direct branches simply because their permanent cooperation with hotels, airliners and train stations began decades ago no sooner than the whole country initially began to open to international community. In this case, giant travel companies master immense cost-efficient resources which make their quote competitive.
4) Easy Tibet Travel Service was firstly established by a local Tibetan travel guide named Tashi Deren in Lhasa in 2010. Subsequently, the small company was qualified as a formal member by CITS, CYTS and CTS (The Three Giants forms a travel alliance.)—the Three State Running travel companies in China. The participation not only makes our Tibet tour service more cost-efficient but also more sustainable, and we underwent the financial crisis originating in 2009 and are now thriving.

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About CYTS

Short for China Youth Travel Service,
CYTS offers a variety of specialized
trips all over Tibet and China.
   The highlighted services of our
branch began to include Tibet travel,
Yangtze River cruise and Sichuan trips
in as early as the year 2009 when we
initially stablized Tibet train travel from
different Chinese cities such as Beijing,
Shanghai, Chengdu, Qinghai and Xi’an
among numerous travel companies
throughout China.
    All itineraries, pictures and other
information are written by our local
Tibetan travel guides and experienced
Tibet travel consultants, which makes
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