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2 Days’ Chengdu Local Tour, Chengdu Panda Base, Wuhou Temple, Wenshu Monastery and Sichuan Opera Face Changing
Giant panda babies in Chengdu Panda Base    Wuhou Temple Museum Show-people dressed in ancient Chinese clothing
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Starting from: Chengdu     End in: Chengdu
Resorts to Visit: Panda Base-Wangjiang Tower-Wuhou Temple-Qingyang Palace-Dufu Thatched Cottage-Songxianqiao-Wenshu Monastery-Sichuan Opera

Tour Highlights
Although local cultural construction in Chengdu is combined with enormous western elements, some authentic tourist attractions in Chengdu such as Wangjiang Tower Park, Wuhou Temple, Qingyang Palace, the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu, Songxianqiao Art Market, Wenshu Monastery, Sichuan Opera House have retained their immense reputation by eternally rendering tourists the originality of Chinese ancient culture. That is what makes these places of interest worth visiting.
Moreover in general, this in-depth tour will let you get close to the lovely Giant Pandas, learn more about Chengdu history and culture, and taste the delicious Chengdu Local food, especially the famous Sichuan hot-pot.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1  Panda Base-Wangjiang Tower Park-Wuhou Temple
Morning 07:30 pick you up from you hotel and drive to Chengdu Panda Base (half an hour). You will catch pandas' feeding time, they are at their most active. You can still see the Red Panda at Base. Later watch the film at Panda Museum to know the panda's daily life, Baby getting birth, ect. ( Visiting 2-2.5hours). Drive back to Chengdu Downtown have local snacks for lunch at Jinli street, and have a short walk at old Jinli street , houses along this street keep Chuanxi style.
Afternoon visit Wangjiang Tower Park, you'll stroll along the scenic paths to historic pavilions and halls built in memory of Xuetao, a female poet of the Tang Dynasty. The park is also home to Chongli Tower, with a four-story view of lush riverside bamboo and willows. Drink tea inside the park as local people do, then have the famous Sichuan hot-pot for dinner.

After dinner enjoy the cultural show - Sichuan Opera at Tea house, which lasts for 1.5 hours. Then drive back to your hotel, end the trip.

Overnight: Chengdu Xinzu Hotel (Comfortable class hotel near the American consulate)

Day 2 Qingyang Palace-The Thatched Cottage of Du Fu-Songxianqiao Art Market-Wenshu Monastery-Sichuan Opera
Morning around 08:30 pick you up from your hotel, drive to visit Qingyang palace which is a Taoism temple with a history of more than 1,000 years; then visit the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu, the former residence of a very famous Tang poet. Du Fu wrote more than 240 poems at this cottage reflecting the sorrows of the village. Have the local sichuan dishes for lunch.

Afternoon drive to visit Chengdu Songxianqiao Art Market, where you will find Chinese old paintings, unique Shu Brocade and Embroidery, bamboo products and antique staffs, ect. Have the wonderful taste of the vegetarian near the Wenshu Monastery for dinner. Then drive back to your hotel, end the trip.
Overnight: Chengdu Xinzu Hotel (Comfortable class hotel near the American consulate)

Service included
1. All scenic spots' entrance tickets;
2. Transportation: Car or Minivan depends on the number of visitors in Chengdu during the course of sightseeing;
3. English-speaking guide;
4. 2 nights’ accommodation in standard twin rooms of 3-4 star standard hotel;
5. Travel Insurance within China;
6. Tickets of Sichuan Opera Show.

Service excluded
1. Your own expenses;
2. Tips.
3. All the meals (Travelers can choose the particular food they are fond of because Chengdu is a city full of delicacy and it is usually better to make the options on the spot.)
4. Air tickets and train tickets.


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