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Cost-efficient 4-day Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Tour Packages from Chengdu, Double Entry Jiuzhaigou Natural Valley Reserve
General Introduction of Jiuzhaigou:
       Located near the northern boundary of Sichuan Province in China and 435 kilometers to the north of Chengdu city (capital of Sichuan State), the national-level Jiuzhaigou natural reserve was named by its 9 Tibetan villages inside. Literally in English, it can be translated ‘The Valley of Nine Tibetan Villages’. With a surface area of over 60,000 hectares, the top view (vertical view) of Jiuzhaigou is in ‘Y’-shape which constitutes 3 main Tibetan villages--Shuzhenggou, Rizegou and Zechawagou covering a total length of approximately 60 kilometers.

       Jiuzhaigou is well known for its emerald blue natural lakes, which is called ‘Haizi’ in local Tibetan language. The 108 haizi (small lakes) abundant in variation but with emerald and sapphire main colors along with creeks, springs and waterfalls forms a vivid amazing biosphere that resembles trees growing in water and water flows among the tress.

       The scarce geological structure of the 108 verdant and sapphire haizis (small lakes) in Jiuzhaigou was listed as ‘World Natural Heritages’ by UNESCO. So it is quite worth spending time there by enjoying this cost-efficient Jiuzhaigou tour package INCLUDING
intact mountains, colorful forests, emerald lakes, repeatedly furling waterfalls and Tibetan customs.
Tour Map of Jiuzhaigou

Tour map of Huanglong

*Booking Tips:
     Travelers can SAVE money by booking our Tibet tour packages simultaneously IF you have this plan in mind.

Tour Package Information:
From:    Chengdu or other cities feasible on air
To      Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong
Tour Code:  CDJH-4
Deposit    20% of the full price and the rest 80% will be paid upon your arrival in Chengdu or Jiuzhaigou (better in Chengdu)
Group Size      1 person or more (private tour standard)
Reservation    2 -Day in advance at least
Popularity Rate:    4/5

* Explore Jiuzhaigou valley in 2 full day, more time more free
* Enjoy overnight accommodation inside Jiuzhaigou and get a glimpse of local Tibetan's daily life
* Ensures a more personalized and in-depth experience

Detailed Itinerary Day-by-day:
Day 1: Arrive in Jiuzhaigou and have a rest
Arriving at Jiuzhai-Huanglong Airport, private pick up from airport to hotel;
Accommodating in 4 star Gesang Hotel or Renzhi Hotel (Breakfast included the next morning);

Day 2: Jiuzhaigou sightseeing hiking
Tibetan family feast in JiuzhaigouGet into Jiuzhai National Park, take an environment friendly bus to the Primitive Forest and hike in the Rize Valley via Swan Lake, Grass Lake, Jianzhu Lake, Panda Lake and Pearl Beach, till Nuorilang Tourist Center. Take an environment friendly bus back to the main entrance and go back to the hotel. It is 25 km walk today, but you can also choose to go by bus between stops. And your guide will prepare the picnic food for you.
Lodging in 4 star Gesang Hotel or Renzhi Hotel at the park (Breakfast included the next morning);

Day 3: Jiuzhaigou scenic trekking
Emerald pools in HuanglongToday, you will visit the other 2 valleys in the Park - Shuzheng Valley and Zechawa Valley. Take a bus to the Long Lake, which is nestled in the highest point of Zechawa Valley, take photos and travel all the way down to the Nuorilang Tourist Center in 2 hours. Now it's time to visit the last valley named Shuzheng Valley. Start your hiking here to the Pengjin Beach, you will pass Nuorilang Falls, Nuorilang Lake, Sleeping Dragon Lake, Reed Lake etc. With a distance of 17 km. it takes about 4 hours to finish it. Meet your guide in the Pengjin and say goodbye to the beautiful fairyland--Jiuzhaigou.
Overnight in 4 star Jiuzhaigou Jiarong Xingong Hotel (Breakfast included the next morning);

Day 4: Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong National Park-Airport/Bus Station
Drive to Huanglong National Park in the early morning, about 5km waking up to the highest point of the park, you will be astonished by the geographic wonder - pure blue pools scattered on the yellow stone beach. Walk back to meet your guide and take your flight to next destination, accomplishing your fantastic hiking tour and continue to the next destination.

Package including:
1. Accommodation in 4 or 5 star standard hotel:
    4 star hotel option:  Gesang Hotel, Renzhi Hotel
    5 star hotel option (for alternative options): 
        New Jiuzhai Hotel, Sheraton Jiuzhaigou Resort, Inter-continental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise
2. Breakfasts in the hotels;
3. Transportation by local tourist car (Please notify if you would like to update to a private vehicle service);
4. English speaking tour guide (bilingual);

Package NOT including:
1. Tibetan Culture Show
2. Lunch and dinner
3. Hiking equipment
4. Entrance fees
5. Gratuities
6. Cable cars
7. Airfares of any Chinese city to Huanglong airport
8. Train fares

Warm Reminder:
1. Due to some relatively intensive hiking and trekking in Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong reserve, this trip is not suitable for children under 10 years. However, parents could accompany the children over 10-year old by taking the cable cars that help save energy consuming.

2. Make sure that you do NOT suffer from hypertension, glaucoma, heart disease like coronary problem and so on that could be induced by stren
uous exercise as climbing mountains.

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