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How to Adapt to Altitude Stress, How to Avoid or Alleviate Altitude Sickness During Tibet Travel
General Question Collection:
1. How can travelers prevent altitude stress?
2. What can be done when altitude sickness occur?
3. What drugs are recommended so as to ease altitude reaction?
Must-know Before Entering Tibet:
Lhasa and Potala PalaceTheoretically, lands with height of over 3,000 meters above sea level are plateaus because the climatic features are apparently distinctive from those on plains--low concentration of oxygen, strong radioactivity and extreme coldness (varying in seasons). Travelers accustomed to live on flatlands or those who return to highlands after residing on plain areas inevitably need a period to adapt to the altitude ascending, which means that the metabolism of your body needs to acclimatize in order to run on a different mechanism. The reason why travelers should adjust is that they possibly suffer from altitude sickness or complications induced.
        It is sincerely suggested by Easy Tibet Travel that tourists should avoid visiting highlands IF you have heart disease or malfunction of heart, lung, brain, liver or kidney. For those who never visited Tibet, please make sure that you are healthy without severe anemia or hypertension. For travelers who only have common illnesses, proper precautions are necessary, for example, bringing oxygen bottles and ingesting particular drugs to bring altitude reaction to an end ASAP, etc.

15 Tips One Needs to Know for Visiting Tibet or Other High Altitude Regions:
Rhodiola Rosea, Tibetan herb dealing with altitude stress1. Upon your new arrival on highlands, more or less, the sensation of chest stress, breathlessness, headache, muscle ache and sleeplessness etc. are unavoidable. However, such symptoms do NOT indicate that you can NOT get accustomed to plateau lands. In other words, it mostly takes 1-3 days to relieve from or get rid of those unpleasant reactions. Our experience also suggests that travelers need to exert disciplines on some aspects in order to enjoy your holy Tibet tour persistently.
2. Inhaling oxygen is undoubtedly an effective method to alleviate from discomforts. But the torturing symptoms revive as long as you stop taking oxygen, which prolongs your period to adapt. The experience advocates that you do NOT have to inhale oxygen if you only suffer slightly, and you will acclimatize really fast.
3. Overeating is prohibited in order to ease the burden of digesting system when you just arrive on Tibet highlands. Please suspend drinking alcohol and smoking for some days for better adaption.
4. Please take in vegetables and fruits abundant in various vitamins. Do your utmost to drink as much water as possible since water is the best carrier of nutrients and the efficient assistant to eradicate vicious elements.
5. Physical work like speedy walking, running, jogging, jumping and darting is forbidden upon your new arrival in Tibet. You are kindly required to spend half a day, calming down and to ensure adequate sleep. Please follow this instruction once you get off the flight or train because some people regret for NOT adopting the advice when they subsequently begin to suffer altitude stress in the evening or at night.
6. Try to avert catching a cold as cold may contribute to Highland Hydro Pneumonia (Altitude Pulmonary Edema) which is a severe altitude sickness and demands urgent treatment. Travelers are instructed to bear in mind that the obvious temperature distinction between daytime and nighttime makes people easier to get a cold. So please wear more clothes instead of taking the risk of catching a cold.
7. Irrational or unscientific Tibet travel itineraries are well avoided with Easy Tibet Travel by the means that tourists will be arranged to visit relatively low altitude regions such as Nyingchi (about 2,900 meters), and then other places like Shigatse and Namtso Lake. You will definitely benefit from accepting our tour tactics.
8. Corresponding treatments need applying based on the severity of altitude stress. If the reaction is weak, people can have a rest to recuperate--taking in more water, doing the least sports, etc. For those who suffer from sleeplessness, some drugs can help alleviate. In case the symptoms are conspicuous, travelers can ask for solutions in Lhasa where hospitals or private doctors specializing in altitude sickness are available. Moreover, some good hotels are equipped with infirmaries dealing with high altitude stress. The extreme scenario is that travelers choose to return to flatlands by taking the early flight the next day, which generally gets an instant effect in getting rid of altitude reaction.
9. It has long been a legend that some people lost their lives in Tibet, but what are substantially lethal are complications derived from altitude stress. This is why people who have problem in heart, lung, brain, liver and kidney as well as those who are victims of cold, severe anemia and high blood pressure are advised NOT to travel in Tibet.
10. People with a strong desire to visit Tibet but suffering from ordinary diseases or highland phobia can follow the instructions below:
a). Bear a correct awareness and practice to eliminate phobia mind state as altitude stress is definitely NOT SARS and objectively NOT as horrible as what rumors demonstrate.
b). Do not have enough confidence? You can have an overall physical examination in hospital in order to fully understand your physical condition.
c). Still Suspicious? You can require a specialist accompanying through your entire trip, offering professional instructions in accordance with your day-by-day itinerary. You will definitely pay a sum of extra service fee. Easy Tibet Travel has been capable of providing such professional services since a few years ago.
d). NOT ready perpetually after some advices? The worst is that you can only give up the intention of visiting Tibet and try to apprehend via the internet and TV.
11. Choose a comfortable accommodation so that it is easier to have a good rest physically and psychologically, which helps prevent or ease altitude stress. Moreover, keep the windows open to ensure the air fluidity and try to sleep near the windows.
12. Choose tour vehicles of good quality such as land cruisers as good vehicles maintain good stability at running time and passengers do NOT feel quite bumpy on rough roads. One of the usual and the most popular tour vehicles that receive the best comments include Toyota land cruiser. Imported minibus is also highly recommended for travel groups of over 4 travelers.
13. Make sure your travel itinerary is NOT condensed and should be comparatively loose. Ensure that you visit resorts of lower altitude at first, and then those of higher areas for the sake of gradual acclimatization.
14. It is proved to be remarkably effective to take anti-high-altitude drugs 2 days in advance like Rhodiola rosea (‘Hong Jing Tian’--pronunciation), carnine tablets and glucose oral solution, etc, and insist taking during your stay in Tibet.
15. Supplement: According to experience, avoid epidermal water loss by applying lipstick or sun screen every day so as to elevate your immunity, which helps relieve highland reaction indirectly.

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