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Flight to Ali, Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar from Chengdu Bird's Viewing Brahmaputra River Canyon

I. Recommended Departure Cities for Taking a Passenger Flight to Tibet (Lhasa):
         Beijing ranks among the most recommended departure cities as it is the capital city of China and possesses the most abundant domestic and international flight routes from over 100 nations. In other words, since there is NO direct international flight heading to Beijing, Beijing undoubtedly became the optimal transfer city no matter what sort of transport international tourists are adopting—a second flight or a train to Tibet. Some foreign travelers pay a visit to other resorts in a variety of Chinese cities before or after they advance towards Tibet. Every day, 1 flight is available from Beijing to Lhasa, and vice versa.
*Relevant tour of Beijing: 7-day Beijing, Chonqging and Yangtze River Boat Cruise Through Three Gorges (Warm Remark: This itinerary can be divided into Beijing tour section and Yangtze River Cruise tour section, and our Tibet travel consultant can customize for you.)
Chengdu, another city full of Tibetan residents and cultures, is perpetually regarded as the window city through which visitors enter Tibet—some streets and roads in Wuhou District in downtown of Chengdu are Tibetan areas. Plus the relatively close location to Lhasa and mild weather, Chengdu exerts the superiority that incomputable Tibetan people originating from Ganzi (Kham) Region in west Sichuan Province have established various businesses since 3 decades ago. The second largest Tibetan population in Chengdu comes from Tibet, mainly from Lhasa City. Moreover, the west Tibetan area of Sichuan, also known as Kham or Ganzi Region, is adjacent to Tibet Autonomous Region. So it is easy to deduce that, and as a matter of fact, the two regions have the same source of Tibetan culture though they speak Tibetan language in different accents. At least 3 flights are arranged a day from Chengdu to Lhasa, and vice versa.
*Relevant tour of Chengdu: 2 Days’ Chengdu Local Tour, Chengdu Panda Base, Wuhou Temple, Wenshu Monastery and Sichuan Opera Face Changing
         *Relevant tour around Chengdu: 7 Days’ Emei Mountain and Leshan Giant Buddha Tour, Chengdu Panda Tour, Sanxingdui Museum and Huanglongxi Ancient Town Tour
Xi’an is a historic city abundant in tourist attractions like Terra-Cotta Warriors, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Huaqing Hot Spring, Shanxi Historical Museum etc. The reason why some travelers transfer to another flight (Taking a train from Xi’an to Lhasa is not recommended) is that they can come over the resorts described above to increase their tour pleasure.
Shangri-La (Diqing) includes well known tourist attractions such as Potatso National Park, Songzanlin Monastery and so on. Many international travelers also pay a visit to significant resorts near Shangri-La in Yunnan Province once they decide to leave for Shangri-La. So Shangri-La (Diqing)-to-Lhasa Flight is another prevailing route among visitors.
Kathmandu in Nepal is another country with unifications of the state and the church. In other words, Tibetan Buddhism is the dominant religion in Nepal. The places worth a visit in and around Kathmandu include Nagarkot, Pokhara and Chitwan. You can view 16-day Panorama Tour of Tibet and Nepal: Lhasa-Nyching-Shigatse-Kathmandu-Nagarkot-Chitwan-Pokhara by clicking the purple anchor texts if it fits into your interest.
         Apart from the flight routes above, you can also make options at your best convenience by departing respectively from Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xining, Chamdo or Kunming.

II. The following suggests a rough timetable of flights to and from Tibet. However, the flight schedule is NOT as fixed as train timetable in China, so some delays even departure time adjustments based on awful weather are possible. The airfares shown in the table below are also just for reference because airfares vary day by day in China; please talk to our Tibet travel consultants for the real-time airfares.
*Timetable of Flights to Tibet:
         Useful Remark: Most of the airfares below are higher than real-time prices. Please inquire us to get to know the amazing discounted airfares.

Flight Number Dept. and Arr. Cities Scheduled Time Reference Price
CA4125 Beijing-Lhasa 07:40-12:!5 2430 RMB
CA4112 Beijing-(Chengdu)-Lhasa 09:00-15:00 2290 RMB
MU2335 Shanghai-(Xi’an)-Lhasa 07:10-14:30 2510 RMB
CZ3463 Guangzhou-(Chongqing)-Lhasa 08:10-13:55 2800 RMB
PN6271 Chongqing-Lhasa 07:20-10:00 1630 RMB
3U8633 Chongqing-Lhasa 08:00-10:25 1470 RMB
MF8411 Chongqing-Lhasa 10:40-13:10 1630 RMB
CZ3463 Chongqing-Lhasa 11:!5-13:55 1550 RMB
CA4420 Chongqing-Lhasa 13:05-15:45 1630 RMB
3U8695 Chengdu-Lhasa 06:10-08:10 1630 RMB
CA4405 Chengdu-Lhasa 06:30-08:40 1630 RMB
CA4403 Chengdu-Lhasa 06:55-09:05 1600 RMB
3U8719 Chengdu-Lhasa 07:30-09:55 1630 RMB
CA4401 Chengdu-Lhasa 07:30-09:35 1630 RMB
CA407 Chengdu-Lhasa 08:10-10:25 1630 RMB
MU5473 Chengdu-Lhasa 09:55-12:10 1630 RMB
3U8657 Chengdu-Lhasa 11:55-14:00 1630 RMB
3U8611 Chengdu-Lhasa 12:30-14:30 1630 RMB
CA4112 Chengdu-Lhasa 13:00-15:00 1630 RMB
3U8753 Xi’an-Lhasa 07:05-10:00 1650 RMB
3U8687 Xi’an-(Xining)-Lhasa 07:50-12:30 1650 RMB
3U8599 Xi’an-(Xiahe)-Lhasa 08:00-11:40 1650 RMB
MU2335 Xi’an-Lhasa 11:10-14:30 1630 RMB
3U8687 Xining-Lhasa 10:00-12:30 1760 RMB
MU5939 Kunming-(Shangri-La)-Lhasa 07:35-11:20 1960 RMB
MU9731 Kunmimg-Lhasa 15:45-18:05 1860 RMB
MU5939 Shangri-La to Lhasa 09:15-11:20 1380 RMB
CA408 Kathmandu-Lhasa (NOT every day, 3-4 days a week) 11:40-15:25 2600 RMB
*Warm NOTE:
1. The reference airfares in the table above does NOT include fuel oil tax (fuel duty) which is usually 50 RMB/passenger.
2. The real-time airfares are usually
no higher than the reference prices described above. The only difference between purchasing a full price air ticket and a discounted one is that an air ticket alteration (change) or refund is available in case that you buy a full price one while the same service is NOT feasible if you decide to purchase at a favorable price.
3. The flights mentioned above are NOT permanently operated every day because flight schedule is NOT as fixed as Tibet trains. Please inquire our consultant for the most recent update in accordance with your planned departure dates.
4. Roundtrips of the flights above are also available. Please inquire if you need our help.
Discounts of airfares are more available if travelers book air tickets with Easy Tibet Travel than the bookings via other channels since we signed a contract with numerous airliners for long-term cooperation and the number of air ticket bookings is promised to the airline companies.
6. If you are considering
traveling to Tibet by train, please view Tibet Train Travel,Qing-Tibet Train Schedule and Fares.

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